His gift to us…

If you haven’t read Pete’s story yet, then hop over to About Us and catch up. It’s all because of him that we found essential oils.

Did you know that animals and kiddos are more susceptible to toxic chemicals? Due to their height, lower body weight and absorption rates they are usually the first to manifest sickness or disease due to toxic chemicals!

So please, please do your own research- many things we assumed to be safe for our animals we found to NOT be….the food, the tick/flea preventions, medications, vaccines, etc.

Pete survived hypothyroidism, cancer, torn ACL’s, and neuropathy in his later years….but we managed with diet, accupunture, and essential oils to give him a comfortable life. If you know anything about his breed (Blue Heeler/ Australian Cattle Dog) then you know they really are a special breed. Fierce loyalty in an old soul body.

Let Pete’s journey also inspire you to find healthier options for you and your furry friends!


Meet Mila..

Mila is our Great Pyr mix who found us almost immediately after Pete crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We later found out she was born literally the day he crossed…because I had no intention of getting another dog!

Needless to say, we needed her and would soon find out she needed us. At 7 months old she became lame, and x-rays showed complete hip dysplasia in both hips! But since we discovered it early, she had a great surgery and today loves to run endlessly!

However, last summer she was outside during a storm and lightning struck close by….which introduced her HATRED of storms. Not shaking, cowering fear -but chew the trees down to climb to the sky to attack the storm HATRED!!

So Mila’s favorite oil is called T-Away, a blend specifically for animals dealing with any kind of trauma. We literally put 3-4 drops on top of her head and she goes to calm, sleepy town! This is also a great oil for animals who hate July 4th celebrations, have separation anxiety or any other kind of trauma.

We also support her joint health with Agilease, Sulfurzyme, OrthoSport Massage oil, Deep Relief and Raindrop Massages. She actually will go to my nightstand when she needs the oils!

Using Essential Oils on your Animals…

The recipes below are for dogs but Young Living’s essential oils can also be used on cats, horses, cows, chickens – you name it! Like anything, quality and dosage is of utmost importance.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding your pets and essential oils.