Happy Thanksgiving!!

We are so THANKFUL for each of you on our team. It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago most of you weren’t even in our lives. However, as our team has expanded nationally and internationally, it has become increasingly more difficult to get to know people on our extended team or to have them attend one of our local events, but all of YOU still matter to us!!

As our way of saying “Thank You” to our active members (US only at this time), every month that you place a 100 PV or more order, you will receive additional LOVE from our team.  This will be a fun package of recipes, samples, labels, etc., that will help you find some new ways to use your Young Living products or even try some new ones.

We will post HERE each month and also in our FB page, so if you’re not part of that group yet, please talk to your sponsor and ask to be included.  Please note that this is just our way of saying “THANKS” and is not affiliated with any Young Living promos, etc., just an awesome bonus of being part of our team!!